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Tee Lake is located in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, just south of Lewiston in Greenwood Township.  Located in Oscoda County, the 216 acre lake offers the benefits of an all sports lake and the tranquility of no-wake areas.


Dues ($20.00) for the calendar year 2021 will need to be paid. 

Project Air requests a donation of $60, but will be pleased to accept any amount.

Project Muck requests a donation of $50, but will be pleased to accept any amount.

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We are passing along this information to the members in case you are interested in getting together with your neighbors to participate in the spraying program this spring.  Last year was a heavy year for the gypsy moths in the area, many trees were pretty well bare of leaves by mid summer.  The gypsy moths run in cycles that usually last a few years of large populations.  While most trees can survive one year, by year two or three they are getting very stressed and may not be able to recover.  For this reason the county will usually set up a spraying program, many of the long timers will remember these in years past.

From what we have learned, the county millage that passed last November has allowed the county to budget for spraying 7000 acres for gypsy moths this spring.  See link below for more information.

If you are interested in having your property sprayed, you will need to fill out a form with the county and pay a portion of the spray cost ($13/acre) to the county by February 22th.  

The catch is the minimum required area to be sprayed must be at least 10 acres.  In the past the county has used aerial spraying and we suppose this will be used this year so that would explain the 10 acre minimum.  Since this minimum is out of reach for most lot owners, you can get together with a bunch of your adjacent neighbors and come up with the minimum.  There are already a couple of groups working with their neighbors and at least one has made the minimum acreage requirement already.

The Oscoda county website has more information on the spraying and you can look it up at the link below. The typical spray for the moths is a natural bacteria that is sprayed on the trees while the caterpillars are eating.  The caterpillars must ingest the bacteria which should eventually kill them before they become moths and start the cycle again.  We do not know for sure what the county will be spraying but assuming its the BT bacteria it has been shown to be safe for people, pets and also fish and other marine life.  

 There are things that you can do one your own property to help cut down the gypsy moths.  Walk your yard and look for the egg sacs that the female moth laid last fall.  They may be on trees, buildings, lawn furniture,  firewood or any other out of the way place.  If you do not know what to look for check the internet.  We have found and removed about 40 sacs last fall and will have another look very soon.  You can just scrape them off into a jar of soapy water to kill the eggs.  Don't just scrape them off and leave them on the ground, they may still hatch.  Follow the link below for more information on what you can do to control the gypsy moths on your property.

Gypsy Moth Alert - GypsyMothAlert.com

If your trees do get defoliated this summer, keep the tree well watered so its stress is reduced as much as possible.  If we have a dry summer, soak the tree roots under the canopy a few times a week to give it a good chance to survive.

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